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I've been attacked by the Muses.  I've suffered from paralysis when trying to pick a project from all the ideas they've planted in my head.  So instead of creating something, I'm stuck going through all my supplies and agonizing on which project should be done first.  Those nine lovely ladies from Greek Mythology might embody all the arts and grant great inspiration, but they don't seem to understand "moderation."
Mused was created as a way to keep all those ideas in order and keep my poor head in one piece.  By paying attention to each part of my creative life in an organized fashion, I can live creatively and enjoy the inspiration I find every day.

I live in Central Iowa with my wonderful kiddo, an energetic bunny, and a house full of gnomes.

Inspire - On Monday, I'll show you what I'm excited about, what I've been thinking about, and share what sparks my creative juices.  Music, books, movies, falling leaves, words I've heard, the list is endless.

Write - On Wednesday, I'll share pieces of my writing, writing process, successes and failures.  I write poetry, fiction (sci-fi, urban fantasy), short stories, flash fiction, and novels.

Create - On Friday, check out what I've been working on during the week and learn how to make some stuff yourself.  These might be my own patterns or ones I've found on the internet or books.  I am always learning something new and love to share!  I crochet, sew, embroider, and papercraft just to name a few.

You can reach me by email at cltice AT gmail DOT com

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