Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Craft: Bookmarks and Holder

I love to read, and so does my son.  I don't like to dog ear pages but always end up either doing so or tearing off a random piece of paper.  So awhile ago, I decided to upcycle some bookmarks.  The container to keep them contained was upcycled as well out of a macaroni and cheese container.  See Exhibit A:

Tonight I got tired of seeing them all scattered and looking like crap on my table.  So I took the back of a legal pad, some paper, glue, and another macaroni and cheese container.  Now it looks like two books, and I think it looks spiffy.  Exhibit B:

Unfortunately, I am a pack rat and I hate throwing stuff away.  That especially goes for cardboard, etc.  That's why I like to upcycle and recycle stuff.  My favorite bookmark right now is from a Celestial Seasonings box.  It's wonderful, colorful, and fits the pages perfectly.  Almost all of those bookmarks in the container are upcycled. 

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