Friday, February 10, 2012

Clothing oh my!

As I've mentioned before, I went and joined the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) recently.  Not only did I give up free time and brain space for the SCA, but I went and infected a friend and my sister with it.  Last weekend, my sister went to her first event and had a blast.  Before she could go, however, we had to make her some clothes.

A friend forwarded me an awesome pattern generator for the inner layer/chemise/slip/smock.  We thought my sister might be able to get a hold of some loaner garb, but it fell through.  Instead, we used the same pattern to make an over dress to go along with the smock.  This pattern is amazingly easy to follow and fits pretty well.  My sister was complaining halfway through the day that it was actually too loose, so we will have to add in some lacing to the back or something else to keep it in place. 

While we were there, the wonderful lady we stayed with managed to convince us to participate in the memorial portion of the Walk Through History, a historical fashion show.  Well, my sister really didn't need convincing, but me going out and having people stare at what I'm wearing?  Not the best situation.  But we made it through it and I am very glad I was able to help a new friend honor someone she deeply cared about. 
While I managed to snap photos of my sister, I failed, once again, to get pictures of my own garb.  Here is a quick and dirty photo I wrangled up.
Now I have to finalize plans for my next set of garb.  Mwahaha... ahem.

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