Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Procrastinators of the World Unite.... Tomorrow!

I'm a terrible procrastinator when it comes to writing.  I have a plan, but things always get in the way of my plan, or I find myself staring out the window for the entire time.  My many writing plans have gone out the window to never return.  How am I supposed to get writing done if I can't sit down and write?

The Renegade Writer tells me this is okay.  Well, sort of.  An article I read a while back states that as long as you are getting your projects done on time, don't force the writing.  There's a definite emphasis on getting things done, though, just taking the writing as it comes to you.  It still involves planning and editing and all the stuff that makes up writing, but the article just states to write when you feel like it.  If you have a writing date scheduled for Thursday afternoon and on Wednesday morning the writing bug bites you, then write.  If on Thursday writing feels like pulling teeth, then don't.

If I was free to write whenever the mood struck me, this would be great for me.  And it slightly relieves some of my self-guilt about not following a writing schedule.  A part of my plan has always been to write when I feel the words coming on.  As long as I make my deadlines, it shouldn't matter too much when I write.

The main problem with my writing plans is that I have no enforced deadlines.  Any suggestions?

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