Monday, April 9, 2012

The Music Gods don't hate me

There is a local band made good I have been trying to see.  Two times I got ready to see the band perform and something happened that kept me from going.  Once, I had been painting a mural all day and felt like sleeping for a month.  The second time, the kidlets I was with at a festival blew up and we all went home before mass murder was committed. 

On Saturday, the Poison Control Center was scheduled to perform at Aquapalooza, a fundraising festival in my old high school.  Aquapalooza was created to raise money to build a well in Uganda.  Two high school students put it together and pulled a bunch of bands together to perform from 2pm - 10pm. 

The music gods were handing me a third opportunity to finally see the Poison Control Center.  Another chance to see them perform in public.  I had met one of their wives, but never seen the band.  My sister, my kiddo, and I geared up and went to listen to awesome music.

In between a couple bands, we went out for dinner and ended up dying eggs real quick before we headed back.  I took the kiddo home after getting him to see Utopia Park.  He kept repeating "I'm so confused!" after we ran in a circle, crowd-hugged, and got down on one knee.  I replied, "It's okay.  It's Utopia Park."  I love that band. 

My sister and I managed to get right next to the stage for the Mumford's set.  The first song was awesome, just like we expected it to be.  Then, the mosh pit started suddenly and my sister took a dive onto the stage and straight into a stage light.  She burned the hell out of her arm and we left the concert.  I believed it was my fate to never see the Poison Control Center.

However, my sister was high on music and after slathering her arm with aloe and repotting the baby plants, she demanded that we go back.  We managed to get back one band before PCC.  Much to my delight, I finally got to see PCC jump across the stage.  One kept playing his guitar while doing a head stand.  The other, the splits.  And the drummer?  Awesome.

The music gods DON'T hate me. :)

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