Friday, December 16, 2011

Create: A Duplicate Hat

I’ve been busy crafting this week but, of course, I failed to take a picture of most of it.  My main accomplishment has been finishing up three hats for someone at work.  I’m quite proud of how my crochet skill has increased to the point where I can look at something simple and recreate it.

My coworker found a small hat in the lost and found at her ‘other job,’ a neighbor’s apple farm.  She thought it was adorable but too small for her daughter and niece.  She brought it in to work and asked if I could recreate it in a different size.  It looked like a pretty simple design and so I said yes.

Several weeks later, I finally sat down and finished off the hats.  I also made one for a doll.

Of course, I forgot to bring it into work to give to her…  I will take it on Monday, I swear!

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