Friday, December 23, 2011

Create: What do you mean Xmas eve is tomorrow?!

I've crashed pretty hard the last couple of weeks.  Projects have only slightly been done, presents have only kind of been bought.  That leaves me in a last minute rush to get everything done and ready.  I'm not sure when I'll actually be able to go to bed tonight.  And tomorrow?  I have until four pm to cook, finish up my projects, and get ready.  I'll try not to pull my hair out. :)

Instead of letting you in on my half finished (or not begun) last minute projects, here are some cute pictures of the bunny playing with the container the Kiddo's Solstice present came in.

I have video, too, of the bunny flinging around the container by the wrapping paper, but I don't think I'll upload that one.

Happy holidays!

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