Monday, December 5, 2011

Create: Advent Ornaments

I used to get the paper and chocolate door kind of Advent calendar when I was a young kid.  I rediscovered Advent calendars a few years ago and it has become a tradition in our house.  While there isn't any chocolate hidden in it, there are activities to do as a family each day.  Personally, I like those better than a small piece of chocolate. 

This year I didn't finalize my idea for the calendar until the day before December 1st.  However, I think it turned out really well.  They look like ornaments hung from the wall, and the kiddo added in his idea of how to tell which days are done.
Do you see how the clothespin is facing down instead of up?  That's the kiddos idea.  He liked how they looked like ornaments and wanted to keep them up the whole time.

These were really easy to make.  As we are a Pagan family, we use the Advent calendar to countdown to the Solstice.

Paper tube in desired size
Wrapping paper
Tape, glue gun, or glue
Exacto knife
Scrap paper or cardstock
Clothes hangers
Hemp, twine, or rope
Sharpie or other writing implement
Chocolates for getting you in the seasonal mood.

1 - Cut the tube into twenty two (more or less depending on your holiday) rounds 1/2 inch or 1 inch wide.  Be careful not to cut yourself.  I was quite happy I didn't.

2 - Cut the wrapping paper to size with enough margin to wrap around the edges and tuck into the round.
3 - Tape, glue, or hot glue the paper in place.  I used tape but I think a glue gun would work best.

4 - Add a length of string in a loop to the round with glue, tape, or hot glue.  Make sure it is secure enough that it will hold up your round.

5 - Write down your daily Advent activities on your paper and cut them to size. 

6 - Tape the paper inside your round.

7 - Push thumbtacks into the wall and tie the cord in between to create a place for your Advent Ornaments.

8 - Hang from the cord with a clothespin and enjoy!

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