Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Stash Diving

I have a huge stash of random crafty bits in my house.  I have some organized in my hallway closet, and I have some taking up half the room in my storage area.  As I am trying to minimize the stuff in my house, my stash has been driving me crazy.  It’s somewhat unorganized and full of random bits I’m not sure I will ever use.

I thought I should throw away those old brown envelopes; I’m not going to do anything with them.  I’ve used several in the last week to create templates for sewing projects.

I thought, I’m never going to do anything with plastic canvas, why am I keeping this?  I just made a new needle case and plan to make at least one more for the ArtVend.

Of course, I also suffer from ‘Man, why did I throw that away?’ disease.  Whenever I finally get rid of an item, I find myself in a position where I really need that item.

Am I a hoarder?  Yes and no.  I do have a stash, but I have a healthy relationship with my trash can.  Not everything goes in my stash, regardless of what it looks like.  I have a stash of envelopes leftover from when I was going to turn them all into scrap paper notebooks.  I think a good chunk of that stash will go with me to a junk journal workshop.  I have plastic canvas that came from my great grandmothers stash and in a set of stuff from Freecycle.  I do use my stash and it’s slowly getting smaller or staying the same size.  My crafting tastes are just so widely spread, it’s hard not to have a large stash.

What do you do to keep your stash under control? 

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