Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Create: Tuna Melts

I was supposed to go out for dinner tonight after a meeting.  But the meeting went on too long and the person I was meeting had to go to work.  So I came home and wandered through the wastelands of my fridge and pantry for something to call dinner.

I found a loaf of french bread that is starting to get all hard and thought I would make a tuna sandwich.  But the bread was pretty hard and I had the thought, "These hard slices would be good for something that goes in the oven... I have tuna!  Tuna melts!"

They look like crap but they are so yummy.  And I have lunch for tomorrow. 

My grandma introduced me to these when I was still living at home.  Normally, we made these with english muffins, but my hard french bread variation was wonderful.  I never really use a recipe, but I believe there are a million out there on the inter webs.  But here is a basic walk through.

Tuna Melts:
Bread (english muffin halves, french bread going stale, pitas)
Canned Tuna (I use the stuff in water)
Mayo (mayo or miracle whip)
Mozzarella Cheese

Mix up your tuna and mayo using just a little less than you normally do for tuna sandwiches.  I've done both more and less, it depends on how runny you want your melts to be. 

Once that is mixed, take a handful of mozz cheese and mix into the tuna.  Once again, the amount is up to you.  I put a lot of mozz in mine because I like cheese.  I've also put just a little bit into the mix and then added more when the mix was on the bread. 

Press the mix onto the slices of bread.  You can pile it high or low.  I typically go low so you know you have bread underneath all of that.

Pop into the oven at 375 for about ten minutes or until the cheese is melted.


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