Friday, August 6, 2010

Create: Going on an Adventure

I admit, as a kid (and still) I was a geek.  Possibly a nerd for awhile.  Definitely a dork.  But the definitions aren't clear and they really don't matter.  What matters is that I'm happily raising my son into a geek.  Unfortunately, he wants to geek out to things I am not always into.  One of his new hobbies is Magic: the Gathering.

While I spent most of my high school lunches playing card games such as Egyptian Rat Screw or Mao or Rummy, my son likes trading card games.   It's not a big deal, and it gives me several hours free on Fridays while he goes to the comic book store to play tournaments.

To help him on this new adventure of his, I made him a box to carry his deck around in.  Tadaa!

This was made from my stash of plastic canvas from Freecycle, and some left over yarn.  Putting it together was amazingly simple.  I do believe I am growing in skills.  The one thing not shown here is a button.  I put a button in the center and a loop of braided yarn to hold the front down. 

It's a little larger than the size of the cards because I wanted to give him room for his dice. 

Have a great weekend!

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