Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Write: It's an Easy Thing...Right?

Exercise:  Take fifteen minutes and think about what Know Thyself means to you.  Think about who you are and how you know who you are.  When you are done, write down your thoughts.

It seems an easy thing.  A commandment from Deity that is easily carried out.  There is no work to be done, no dues to pay, no people to help.  It is inside and done.  That seems to simple, right?  I mean, who else is in my skin.  I am who I am... right?

The simple commands from Deity are always the hardest to follow. 

Know Thyself.

Know the weaknesses and strengths.  Acknowledge the harm done to others and yourself.  Seek the dark corners of the soul and gaze at what lies there.  Those commandments are hard, and while not askeed or written in stone, they are written none the less in the simple words of Know Thyself.

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