Friday, August 13, 2010

Extra! Noumenia, A New Month

This post is late, but I have been stuck at home without internet for the past two days.  Ames, as some of you may know from national news, has been struck with an abundance of water... and none to drink.  This is a link to our local newspaper and more information.  Suffice to say, I'm very happy the rain and river waters went down, but I really hope the water main leaks get fixed soon.

Welcome the new month!  A lot of people in my town are starting over this month after the flooding.  I'm going to be trying even harder this month to get my schedule back in order. 

Daily goals:  I have slightly failed at following this this month.  I'm still not officially unpacked and I have gotten stuck in the 'when I get unpacked, I'll do this' mentality.  This past week I have been better.  I worked on writing on Tuesday.  Thursday I worked on craft stuff around the house I have put off.  I'm getting better, just need a little more work.

No Plastic:  I think I've done well this month.  I found syrup in a glass container that didn't come from too far away.  I also spent triple the amount of a plastic 2 liter on four glass 12oz bottles of ginger ale.  It was good though, so I think I'll do it again.  (Although I found a recipe to make my own.  Squee!!!!)  Unfortunately, I failed in that I have six gallons of drinking water and a 24 pack of 12oz bottles.  I know I shouldn't have, but it's easier for my son.  And in the rush of the store, I grabbed it just in case.  I was taking the bus and thought it would be easier to carry.

Meatless Monday:  Yeah.  I haven't followed this one very well.  I did the first two weeks, but then I realized that I was making myself miserable by limiting it and I had a talk with a friend.  She suggested that such rigid goals should be put aside for just a goal.  I believe that I will try to do one day a week of meatless-ness, but if I am really really craving meat on a Monday, I probably may eat meat.

New Goal!
On the Neokoroi yahoo group, they have started working through the Maxims from Long for Wisdom:  The Message of the Maxims by Allyson Szabo.  There is a different chapter/maxim each week to work on.  So I will be ordering the book tonight (if I get to a computer) or this weekend and working off the list.  It should be interesting.

Have a great month!

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