Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Write: The Adventurer is You!

Exercise:  Take a moment and think about courage and bravery.  Have you ever displayed one of those qualities in your life?  Think about adventure.  What in your life would you classify as an adventure?  Did you require courage or bravery during your adventure?  Tell us about it.

"C'mon," she said, "It's just like a big tire swing."  My little sister grinned at me as she headed for the line.  My son was already ahead of her.  "It'll be fun."

"It's going to make me sick,"  I stated, eying the ride as it started up.  It looked like a blast and like an extension of my favorite ride.  The Galleon was a pirate ship that went back and forth, doing nothing more than lifting you out of your seat at the highest point.  This ride, though, it spun you in a circle over and over again as it lifted you up. "I told you, I can't do circles."

"It'll be fine.  You can sit by me."

"I'll be sick."

"You can sit by Mom."

"Nuh uh.  If I ride this, kiddo, you're right next to me."  A heavy sigh and I got in line.  The ride went right over our heads, turning it's way towards the arc of the swing and coming back down.

Finally it was our turn.  I had had a good day so far, nothing upset my stomach or made my vertigo flair up.  Normally, I start feeling sick on the ferris wheel but I was good so far.  I prayed that this ride wouldn't be the end of that.

We buckled in and the floor dropped out from under us.  The ride began a slow swing, turning us gently over the crowd.  "I'm know I'm going to be sick,"  I muttered to my sister and she just laughed.  The first swing took us up to the trees and let us back down.  Another swing went higher and a laugh bubbled out of my throat.

Quickly, I managed to tuck my necklace inside my shirt on the way down.  It had swung up and hit my teeth and I didn't want anything to break.  I was having fun.   Sideways and higher it lifted us, laughing and screaming at the weightlessness of the ride.

"So?  Are you going to get sick?" 

"Mmm, no.  But as much as I'd love to ride that again, I would get sick after that."

"Told you so."

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