Monday, August 2, 2010

Inspire: Adventure Time!

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Summer as a kid was always a big adventure.  Where are we going?  What are we going to do?  When will the boredom of sitting inside on a really hot day end?  But as an adult, summer is just another week that I have to go to work.  I always have such awesome plans in winter and fall of things I'm going to do.  But we tend to not do very much during the summer.

This year we've only been swimming once!  Once!  But my son has gone several times with my sister so it's not so bad.  And the friend I always go with (it's her 'clubhouse' pool) works third shift and has worked massive amounts of overtime.

One of the main stays in most family summer adventure time is the theme park.  My family went there this weekend.  Here in Iowa, it's called Adventureland.  Yes, Adventureland.  They just added a water park to the typical rides and arcade layout.  They had a fire this summer so a chunk of buildings are gone, and my mom was upset because the bingo building was gone.  It was raining half the time we were there, but I was adventurous and went on a couple rides I never thought I would.  I had a blast and am very happy that I chose to adventure outside my comfort zone.

Have you done anything with your summer yet?  Have you had any adventures?  It's renn faire season elsewhere, but ours is in the fall.  That's one adventure that I am planning.  I may be adding riding public transportation while drinking to the list this summer too, but it never seems to happen.

Go be adventurous!


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