Monday, August 9, 2010

Inspire: Back to the New

My son starts school in a week and a half.  Don't ask me why they start on a Thursday, because I don't understand it.  It's a new school and the earliest he's ever started.  The kiddo will also be in a regular classroom for the first time since kindergarten.  In his old school, he was in the multi-age program which was is two grade levels in one classroom, the older students helping the younger, and much more hands on and active.

So, he isn't really "going back to school" this year, he is "going back to the new" or "going forward to school."  New school, new rules, new patterns and habits.  It's a turning point, like every year is, but this one holds the potential to be so much more.

It has made me think about my patterns and what new habits I want to create.  I haven't changed anything but my location - still going to the same work place, the same events.  But I feel that I am ready to change, and have begun to change.  Like junking my broken down car and riding my bike to my vanpool site.  Now I just have to remember that summer is always sucky weather and that doesn't give me a reason to grab a ride all the time.

Our Inspiration for this week is moving forward with new habits or in a new way.  How are you changing?

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