Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Write: Summer Break

Exercise:  "What I Accomplished on my Summer Vacation"
Make a list of things (aim for ten or more) that you have accomplished this summer.  Did you build or fly a kite?  Go swimming?  Go to a theme park?  When finished with the list, put a few notes behind each of those topics.  Keep this in your note book or bulletin board where you can easily access it.  This will be a list of things to write about later if you need a create boost.

1.  Adventureland:  Lots of rain, courage, sense of accomplishment.
2.  Swimming:  Friends, cool water, hot cement
3.  Public transportation:  Cold air, quiet hum, talking to strangers
4.  Grilling:  Smoke, sizzle, relaxing
5.  Moving:  Space, settled
6.  Garage Sales:  Seeking, fun, relaxing, good deals  
7.  Writer's Group:  Taking the lead, standing up, good ideas
8.  Birthday:  Friendship, telemundo, hilarious
9.  Bike riding:  Fun, relaxing, quiet mornings, childhood memories
10.  Being Outside:  New bench, peaceful, surrounded by trees, temple-like

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