Monday, October 11, 2010

Extra Extra! Noumenia: The balance of things

Well, this is late...  Although amazingly, I did manage to do all three days of Noumenia prayers this month.  But I ended up starting them early...  Ah, well, they seem to even out.

This month seems to be a month of change.  My art group is ready to strip everything down and build back up into a stronger group more focused on our goals.  And I am going through the same process in my own life.

Or at least trying.

This past month was pretty hard.  I questioned a lot of things, and I thought about why I do things.  Do I really need everything I have in my life?  Is it all serving it's purpose?  Where am I going and what do I need to do to get there?

These are the questions that have been floating in my head-space.  Do they have answers?  Not quite yet.

I keep saying that 'this weekend I will get organized and get it figured out' but I haven't yet.  I get half way through the questioning phase and stop.

But I have figured out that I do want to keep this blog.  It has accomplished its goal of keeping me accountable to myself and able to keep my projects organized.  But I do want to change it a bit.  Something isn't quite working and I'm not sure what that is. 

It may be the writing posts.  I feel like I am just throwing out an exercise and a blurb of writing instead of showcasing my best work.  But I don't want to put my best work out here in case I want to get it published some day.  Then again, I could self-publish my writings that I have posted here.  Or I could drop down to one story a month and make it a serial with only a page or two a week.  But then what would I do with my poetry?

I'm not sure what to do. 

Also,  I started adding a lot about religion and then backed off, thinking that those who come here for crafts might not like the added religion and I could start a new blog to be accountable for that.  But I already have an overabundance of deadlines in my life and I'm not sure I want to add one more... although it would hold me more accountable.

What do you think? 

What works here on Mused Creations?  (And do you have any opinions on the name?)  What doesn't work?  What parts do you like and wish I would focus more on?  What do you wish I would get rid of?

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