Monday, October 25, 2010

Inspire: A Halloween Night

Halloween/Samhain is on Sunday, The Day of the Dead/All Saints Day is next Monday.  This is a week full of goblins and witches and good, fun gore.  Mostly. Some years I am all over it, others I miss the point.

This year, I've gone between both of them.  I decorated my office for the first time, but barely decorated my house.  I was pretty excited at the beginning of October, but life has a way of changing all sorts of plans. This is going to be the first year that I don't make my sons costume.  But yet there is still a joy in the season.  It is one last party before the heart of winter hits and we are all stuck inside.  It looks like it might be beautiful but cold out this year for trick or treating. 

Samhain, for some Pagans and Wiccans, is a celebration of those who have passed on, like the Day of the Dead.  We give honor to those who have gone before us, and reaffirm our what we are harvesting in our own lives.  The fields are mostly harvested, the plants cut down to keep us through the long winter.  Thus we honor their sacrifice and begin to take stock of what we need in our lives and what we can sacrifice.

I also consider it a day to take back the night.  We are reclaiming the image of the witch, the soul of the witch, and no longer are we merely hags with green faces and warts, we are everyone. 

What do you plan on doing for Halloween?

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