Monday, October 11, 2010

Inspire: Organization - Ho!

Note:  That's a ThunderCats reference, by the way.

Organization and I have always gotten along like two best friends living together.  Sometimes it is perfect, sometimes we want to kill each other. 

I remember when I was a child and my room was a mess, my grandma would always tell me to clean up and “How can you find anything in here?”  It may have been in piles on the floor, but I knew where everything was.  When I cleaned up and put things away, I lost items and couldn’t figure out where anything was.

I’m better than I was as a child.  Most of my stuff is picked up, but I am still a pile person.

I come home and drop my things into a pile, or put the mail into a pile.  Then I will come back to it at some point and sort through and put things away.  But until I put things away or move my pile out of the way, I know where everything is.  Once it’s put away, I can’t find it.

But organization and I have a cyclical relationship it seems.  I’m all sorts of disorganized, so I go through and sort everything out, make a new system, and follow it strictly for a period of time.  Then I slack off a bit, then a bit more, then I realize the system isn’t working anymore and I need a new one.  So, I take all my disorganization, sort through it, and make a new system to follow strictly for a time.

I’m at one of those moments now.  Nothing seems to be working the way I want it to.  It has grown stale, grown out of its box, and it feels like nothing is getting done.  I’m coasting.

Now, organization doesn’t only mean stuff.  It means how I take on tasks and finish them.  How I plan for time for my son, my crafting, and my writing.  I organize my life so that it runs without driving me crazy.

That’s how this blog got started.  I had too many ideas and none of them were getting done.  So in came this nifty new idea on how to hold myself accountable for getting things done and a way to organize them all.  The blog has held its own for quite a while and has accomplished its goal with honor.

But does it still work for me?  Until last week and this week, I would have said no.  I felt boxed in, doing the same thing over and over again.  And I was tired of it.  But I really like pancakes, and as I said, they help heal what is hurting. 

So I may make some changes around here.  What they are, I don’t know.  Should I put more religion on here?  Should I take it off completely?  I thought about starting another blog for only my religious posts, but I don’t know if I could run two blogs at the same time. 

What would you like to see?  What aspects do you like?  What parts are you not so thrilled about? 

How do you deal with life when it gets tossed upside down?

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