Friday, October 29, 2010

Create: A Halloween Glow

So, I managed to decorate a bit this year.  I decorated the walls of my office a bit, and the entry way to my house.... with bats! 

I found a great photo online at Country Living somewhere.  I have no idea where I found the link and don't have it right now, but you get pictures of my efforts!

And here is my office.
And our pumpkins!  I'm very excited about these.  I drew it all myself, yay!  And it turned out pretty well, except I lost one of the gnome heads.

If you can't tell, there are three cut out windows with gnomes.  There are actually two side windows that I didn't cut out but I scraped out so that they are supposed to glow like closed windows.  The one on the right is a howling wolf for my son. 

Happy Halloween!

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