Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Extra! Extra! Noumenia Goals

Wow, I can't believe how fast this month has passed.  That is the reason why I feel having goals is important.  Without them, I would constantly be in the "I will do it some time soon" phase rather than working on getting things done.

Of course, that doesn't mean I always accomplish them. :) 

Last month I made myself the goals of having an exercise and devotional plan.  I did make one, planning out the hours of my day to make sure I fit them in.  Did I follow it?  Not really.

But I have been exercising a bit the past two weeks.  And I have started lighting a candle and praying in the morning and when I get home.  So I am working on it.  I've also started reading and following Flylady which has helped in other ways.

So my goal for this month is pretty simple, but oh so hard to follow.  My goal this month is just to keep up with my previous goals and to make sure I have a plan in place to accomplish everything I want to.  So that means that I will exercise, devote time to my religion, finish my year strategy planner, and finish my to-do lists every day.  (Tonight I am only missing one thing!  Of course, that's a fairly important one, but if I look through my notes, I may have accomplished it already.)

Do you set yourself goals every month?  How do you get things done?

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