Monday, January 31, 2011

Musing: Birthdays!

This time of year all everyone seems to be talking about is the upcoming Super Bowl and when spring will get here.  I, on the other hand, am entering a weekend of birthdays.  My mother, friend, and a different friend's mother all have birthdays on February 6th.  My son's birthday is February 7th. 

The kiddo turns eleven this year.  Eleven!  I think that's even worse than hitting double digits last year.  It's just proof that he is growing up, I guess.  Next year he goes to middle school and he's already going through the hormone changes and attitude extravaganzas.  We cycle birthday parties.  One year it will be themed with party games, etc, and the next it will be at a pizza place with games.  Our mainstay birthday place in town closed for good after last years flood, unfortunately, but a different place opened a few years ago.  

I'm not even going to think about how old my mom or friends are.  I'm sure they would all hurt me for saying anyway. :) 

At this time of year, I try to show my kiddo and mom just how much they mean to me.  We may yell and fight and scream at each other, but we are still family, still loved, and still special. 

I'm going to be making my mom lunch before her Superbowl party.  The kiddo and family are going to celebrate at Perfect Games, a pizza/arcade/bowling/laser tag place (we're going to have pizza with mafia type names.  It's fantastic.  The pizza section is called Kingpin Pizza). 

Do you do something special for birthdays?  How do you show your love?

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