Friday, January 28, 2011

Mused: Recycled Frame

Sorry for the late post today, ladies and gents, but I got sick and didn't get it done last night.  There will also be a lack of pictures as I need to get a new device for my memory card. 

Do you remember this photo from last week?

This week I intended on showing you how to make that frame so you could hang up your oaths and pledges for the coming year. 

I always forget to buy picture frames and when I do, I blanch at paying more than a few dollars for them.  So I've taken to making my own mat board-type frames for my crafts.  Given that we go through a lot of thin cardboard at work, it makes perfect sense to me.

The frame above was made from the cardboard container for large manilla envelopes.  I measured out how big my actual design area was and then figured out how big I wanted the frame to be.  This one was, I think, 5.5" x 7".  I added an inch to each size and cut out a rectangle that was 7.5"x9".  Then, with a rotary cutter, I cut out the center rectangle, 5.5"x7".  Another piece was cut that was just under the larger amount, that way it would cover the back and edges.

I cut the material to fit, glued it to the frame, and then glued the backing in place.  I had a slight mishap with the glue as you can see from the discoloration on the bottom right corner.

Then I slipped it under a heavy box for awhile (I happened to have a new box of dishes I received from xmas sitting there).  I used tacky glue but hot glue would work fine as well.

This is a quick and easy way to make sure that I do something with my finished work.  I hope it will work for you too!

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