Monday, January 10, 2011

Muse: I Have a Dream

MLK Jr. Day, coming up on January 17th, isn't something that America typically celebrates.  When I was in school, I'm pretty sure we had school that day.  It wasn't until I was in high school that I really got into the idea behind the whole thing.  I helped put on a presentation one year with skits and essays.

Since my word for this year is Action, I decided that I would follow the prompts and make this year a day on and not a day off.  I signed up to help make blankets for Project Linus at the public library in the afternoon.  I meant to have my son sign up as well, but the computer didn't like me.  When I finally got it figured out that I would have to do it on a different computer, the thing was full.  So we will see if he helps me out or not.

But my taking action on this day is not based on my belief that all races should be equal.  I believe that we can morph MLK Day into something that this country desperately needs - equality for all.

The message of  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is one of peace and equality and justice for everyone.  The same things that our country was built on (mostly, minus non-land-owners, slaves, and women.  But we fixed that.).  Our legislatures now want the Constitution read before they begin their work.  It sounds like a fantastic thing, doesn't it?  Maybe they will realize that they work for the country and not for the organizations/companies that fund them. 

Here in Iowa, we need people to realize that it doesn't matter what color your skin is, or who you love, everyone deserves the right to be who they want to be.  We ousted three Iowa Supreme Court justices over the fact that the court ruled unanimously that homosexual people have the right to marry.  Now there are campaigns calling for the resignation of the remaining justices and the threat of impeachment.  Several freshman legislatures are drafting articles of impeachment.  Impeachment.  Because the justices followed the constitution and are therefore acting as activist judges against the will of the people.

So this MLK Day I will remember Dr. King with pride that he could change the nation, and with hope that we can do the same. 

Do you have plans for MLK Day?  Is it celebrated in your neck of the woods?

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