Monday, February 7, 2011

Muse: Sweet Valentine

A week from today is Valentine's Day.  Today is also my kiddo's birthday.  Happy birthday!

Valentine's Day kind of sucks when you are single and everyone else is making googly eyes at their beloveds.  But oh well, I get the kiddo some sort of goodies and call it a good time.  It helps that I'm against most of what V-day has become.  While I do appreciate a dozen roses, I would rather my significant other gets me a single rose or a potted plant.  I see no need to pay a huge amount of markup just because of the day.  And to me, it shows no originality.  Not saying it's not nice to receive it, I would just rather receive something that I knew thought went in to. 

Spring is coming and with spring comes rituals like this, ways of saying you love someone and getting excited for the fertile new year. 

Maybe I will herd some friends together and we can go do something nice like a singles night out. 

What are you doing for V-Day?

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