Friday, February 25, 2011

Mused: Planting Inside

I went out to eat with a friend a few days ago and talked about gardening plans.  Since I can't dig into the yard, I'll have to make due with makeshift buckets and storage containers.  My friend suggested that I ask the restaurant if they had any buckets rather than buying them from the store.  Have you see the price of buckets? 

The store had a couple different varieties of buckets and were happy to sell them to me for fifty cents each.  That is not that much when you are talking about five gallon buckets.  There were some two gallon buckets as well.  I have some square and round ones now that I can plant things in.  I keep thinking they are too small, but they should work just fine.

I got the gardening bug last night and so punched a bunch of holes in one bucket so I could start planting.

Once I had down these, including the four on the sides of the buckets, I went back in and added another couple rounds to make sure that drainage wasn't an issue.  I planted lettuce in this one and spinach in another and put them beside my kitchen window.  Did I remember to take a picture of the dirt?  Of course not, but I'm sure you can imagine what a dirt filled bucket looks like. 

From what I have read, leaf lettuce will grow in shallow containers so I actually wanted something smaller than this bucket for it.  But I couldn't find any of the plastic I had been setting aside for planting.  I have to remember, though, that even though it is one small seed, it will grow up to be a big plant. 

Here's to hopes for a great garden this year!

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