Monday, April 18, 2011

Inspire: Our Blue Boat Home

Sun, my sail and moon, my rudder
As I ply the starry sea
Leaning over the edge in wonder
Casting questions into the deep
Drifting here with my ship's companions
All we kindred pilgrim souls
Making our way by the lights of the heavens
In our beautiful blue boat home
 -- Peter Mayer

Friday is Earth Day!  That wonderful day started by hippies in an effort to make people more aware of how fragile our huge planet is.  On this one day, people can try to do something for the planet even if they do nothing else the rest of the year.  I’m not advocating that, but even a small change can add up to a huge change. 

My son’s old school had one of the greatest programs I’ve seen.  On Earth Day, or near it, they would all go walk out to a different park in the city and pick up trash.  They would pick it up on the way and then scour the park for more of it.  They would have bags and bags of trash when they were done.  I went with them last year and it made me smile to see kids being grossed out and upset with all the trash that was thrown away.  I hope some of them remember what they said and saw the next time they are in a position to litter.

The theme this year for Earth Day is A Billion Acts of Green.  I learned about the UU Ministry for the Earth this Sunday, and their theme for the year is Sacred Waters.  Both groups want to encourage people to make small changes in their lives to benefit the earth.  The Ministry for the Earth wants people to make a commitment to the earth for forty days in ways that will help our water ways. 

I was quite happy to note that many of the things on the list of what I could do to make a small action I am already doing.

What are you doing for the earth?

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