Friday, June 17, 2011

Create: A Cozy Jar

I tend to hoard things, especially recyclables.  I just have a problem throwing away things that can be reused.  Given that I try to buy things in glass jars rather than plastic, that means I have a collection of glass.  Yes, I could take them to the glass bin that sits in our Fareway parking lot, but that would require me to remember.  And what if I need a jar after I get rid of them all?

One use for jars that I don't use often enough is drinking glasses.  If I feel safe enough eating food that came from a jar, I should feel safe washing it out and drinking from it.

I recently broke my jelly jar water glass at work.  It was thick, had a handle, and I had used it at work for almost two years.  I dropped it just right to shatter it.  Now I do have a match to that glass, but I use it often at home.  So instead, I dug through my stash of jars and found a new one. 

My tea mug has had a cozy for quite some time, so I decided my new jar should get one too.  I chose to use a pattern I had made for xmas and changed it to go around rather than flat, making it look more interesting than single crochet. 

Unfortunately, it looks a little bulky, so I might have to make a single crochet cozy or find some thinner yarn.  What do you think?


  1. That came out great! This is what you were working on at Creative Collision right?

    I think it looks good. I know just a regular glass can sometimes be a bit bulky to hold, but the yarn might squash down a bit over time too. But it would probably be a good idea to have a back up in case you need to throw that one in the wash.

    I tend to buy items for their containers as well (I have a ginormous jar of pickles in my fridge right now).

    And I hoard them too...

  2. Yup, that's what I was working on at Creative Collision.

    I was just thinking that it would probably squash down. My other one has, although it needs to be washed and I keep forgetting to bring it home.

    I tend to go for the smaller jars, but I lust after the bulk jars - like pickles! My son would eat them all before I knew it. He's a pickle fiend.