Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Write: Month in Review

Normally, I share a piece of fiction or poetry with you, but I decided to do something different today.  I'd like to share with you how my writing is going.  I tend to jot something down Wednesday morning and post it without much editing.  However, I do take my writing seriously, and will attempt to at least edit from here on out. :)

I have had two pieces published this month... well, one is a craft post.
1 - A fiction piece I wrote, titled, At the Crossroads, was included in the Neokoroi summer newsletter/publication He Epistole.  This is the second time I've sent something in and you can find a non-fiction piece in the spring edition.  I'm going to continue to submit to He Epistole as long as I can think of ideas.

2 - A craft tutorial I wrote as a guest post for Craft Leftovers was featured on the Craft site.  Yippee!  Now I just need to make more to sell at a friend's shop.

I've submitted a couple different things this month and last month, and I'm still waiting to hear back from them.  I've got another month to go.
1 - Lyrical Iowa.  This is the publication put out by the Iowa Poetry Association.  My submission was sort of a last minute thing, but I'm proud that I actually submitted something.

2 - Paper Crow.  More poetry went to this magazine, partly because I love the name.  The press that puts it out is called Elektrik Milk Bath Press.  Isn't that awesome?

3 - A Rustle of Dark Leaves Anthology.  I sent out a fiction piece to this at Misanthrope Press.  And I just realized they did a Pagan themed anthology that I missed.  Dang. 

And a thing or two I'm working on.

1 - The Scribing Ibis: An Anthology of Pagan Fiction.  I'm actually a little embarrassed and glad I looked at the guidelines again this morning.  Some how I forgot that the piece was supposed to be about Pagans or gods and whatnot.  Luckily I haven't sent in anything yet.

2 - Last but not least, I think I'm going to start pulling out my poetry and seeing if I have enough for a chapbook.  At the very least, I need to start editing some of it so I have a body of work to draw from the next time I find a good place to submit to.

What are you working on?


  1. Writing is really tough for me. My sisters and I use to tag team a story. We started doing that after I had joined the military. One of us would start a story and send it to another one who would write the middle of the story, then the third one would finish it. It is a really fun way to write :)
    I might have to look for those as well as some poetry I wrote in high school. Maybe it will motivate me to get writing again.

    Congrats on the publishing and good luck with the rest!

  2. Thanks!

    A friend, my kiddo, and I have done the one sentence stories while waiting for a table at restaurants before. We each write two sentences and cover them up, leaving just one word on the next line to go off of.