Monday, June 6, 2011

Inspire: A Kitchen Makeover

A friend of mine is moving and I'm inheriting some of her stuff.  Most of it is currently sitting in my living room, waiting for me to figure out how to change my furniture around.  A couple of things landed, or may land, in my kitchen.  One is some fantastic vintage containers (that I forgot to take a picture of) in yellow.  I was using ceramic black and speckled white jars but the lid on the largest one broke and I couldn't store my flour in it anymore.  These new containers all have tight fitting lids and I have no problems putting my flour in it.

The containers were sitting on my messy counter taking up space until this weekend when I finally got around to switching them out. 

My kitchen is the center of my house spiritually.  When I don't feel good, my kitchen is a mess.  When my kitchen is a mess, I feel icky.  The limited amount of counter space tends to overflow with plastic bags I need to wash, empty cups, and random bits that I set down.  I went through this weekend and reclaimed my counter space a bit.  Even clearing one area off made the whole kitchen feel completely different. 

The first step to the Flylady cleaning system is to shine your sink.  I believe I need to start doing that again, making sure my sink is free of dirty dishes and clean before I go to bed.  Just this one simple task lets me feel that I am centered and okay. 

With the Ames garage sale coming up, I'm going to be destashing my house and getting rid of things.  I feel the overwhelming need to clean out a huge amount of my junk, including things in my kitchen.  At the same point, I'm a pack rat and I drag new stuff in all the time.  How do I organize the things I need so it doesn't look like I'm just piling things up?

Do you have a special room in your house that connects to your mood?  Do you know a pack rat?  How do you organize all your stuff in an apartment?

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