Friday, June 10, 2011

Create: Pick up your lunch

I've been making my lunch and the kiddos for a couple years now.  It's more cost effective than eating out or school lunch, and I can make sure the kiddo gets what he will eat.  For me, I don't drive myself to work so there isn't really anywhere to go for lunch as we don't have a cafeteria.  So homemade lunch it is!

I use leftovers for lunch typically, so it's more cost effective for me.  Last year, the kiddo's teacher always gushed about how his lunches were so cool and different.  I thought, seriously?  It's a pork chop and corn.  No one else brings that?  Although he has had inventive things a couple times - Po Boy sandwich with shrimp, meatball sandwich, and Indian, yum!

Lunch from home comes with a certain amount of stuff, namely lunch bags.  We each have one that we use on a regular basis.  Then I have an extra one I got from my rideshare company for free, a bag with a built in freezer pack, and another one for the kiddo.  It's all so unorganized.

But my craftiness has come to the rescue!  I took some old nylon string I've never used much of and braided myself a hanger.  At certain lengths, I added a loop to hook our bags through - our main ones have buckle straps.  The rest don't, so I left the tail of the braid loose so that I could wrap it through the loop and keep a bag in place.  The braid is attached to the wall by one of those 3M removable strip hooks. 
Here you can see how I looped the extra tail through the last hoop.  I know I have a couple carabiners in the house but I couldn't find them.  When I do, I will probably add another loop out of the tail and use carabiners to attach my non buckle lunch bags. 
Tadaa!  Now my lunch bags have a home that isn't a pile on top of my fridge.  The ones that don't get used often are in a cupboard, but it's hard even for me to reach.  This is much nicer.


  1. I love this idea! My hubby takes a small lunch box to school with him everyday and I get kinda tired of it just getting tossed wherever. I might just have to make something like this next week. I think I may even have a place to hang it!


  2. You are welcome!

    A plus to the hanger: it looks weird without the lunch bags on it, so I want to hang them up so it looks pretty again!