Monday, June 27, 2011

Inspire: Go Jump in a Pool

As summer settles in here in Iowa, it grows hot and sticky with humidity.  One way I like to escape the pressing heat is to go hang out in a pool.  I don't tend to get much swimming done, instead I talk with a friend most of the time and help the kiddo dive for objects. 

I'm weird, though, and I can only last so long in a pool before I am shivering.  Yes, I get that cold in 90 degree weather.  I try to stay moving in the pool to keep warm, but that's kind of hard when your friend keeps talking at you.  But once you are out of the pool - and dried off - it makes the whole day better.  The humidity isn't so bad, and the heat doesn't seem so oppressive.

Sitting in front of a fan doesn't do it for me.  Sitting in air conditioning just tends to give me headaches from the change in temperature.  The pool seems to have it all.

What do you do to stay cool in the summer?

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