Monday, June 13, 2011

Inspire: Setting a Table

The months are going too fast for me.  It seems like only yesterday that it was freezing and January.  Now it's June and we just went through a week of over 90 degree weather.  I always seem to miss out on spring.  But now that it's warmer, I want to be outside in the breeze. 

Saturday, I got my wish, and we ate lunch out on the patio of a local pizza shop.  It was lovely and I didn't want to leave.

With my birthday next month, I want a picnic - although it's going to be hotter than hell or raining cats and dogs.  I still want a pretty picnic party with people in summer dresses and fancy tea cups.  Don't ask me why, 'cause I'm not sure.  Sometimes I think it's because I grew up a tomboy and now my girly side is demanding equal time. 

My friend gave me some wonderful patio furniture she found on the curb, so at least I have a place to sit.  Now I just need to fancy it up and make myself an awesome rockabilly dress and I can party to my hearts content.

Have you ever taken your dinner outside?  Do you have patio furniture or a picnic table at home? 

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