Friday, October 21, 2011

Create: Halloween 2011, Part 1

With Halloween almost upon us and my sewing machine out of commission, I've been floundering on what is going to happen.  I planned on whipping up a quick tunic/toga for the kiddo, but without my sewing machine I feel like I can't do anything.

Of course, it doesn't help that the kiddo keeps changing his mind on his costume.  Just this morning, he said something about time-traveling.  Last I knew, he wanted to be kitsune Spartan archer.  Although if he wants to go time traveling, I'm going to demand he add a bit of steampunk to his costume. 

In order to at least have begun his costume, I pulled out my trusty glue gun and some bits from around the house to make a quiver for the kiddo.

Glue gun and sticks
Brown felt (leftover from another project)
Cardboard tube and stopper (from the pile for the bunny to chew on)

I found a large tube with a plastic stopper on the end and cut out the felt to fit around it, then glued it into place.  The end was folded and glued down. 

I was going to try to do something fancy with the top, but decided simplicity was a better idea.  I put down a line of glue and folded the felt down, then cut it to size. 

The straps were two inches wide and cut to the length of my remaining felt.  I glued one strap to each end of the quiver so the kiddo could tie it on.  I'll add a few safety pins to make sure it stays on all night.

The kiddo has a couple play crossbow bolts and a few nerf arrows that will fill the quiver.  I'm not having him take the bow as it will just get in the way.  But now he has a quiver that he can play around with.  Hmm, maybe I need to make myself a shield now before he takes over the house....

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