Monday, October 10, 2011

Inspire: A Bowl of Soup

I've always thought my comfort food was chocolate (which is still is), but recently I've realized that soup is my other comfort food.  A nice bowl of warm, rich soup not only feeds my body but my mind and soul as well.  It's also one of the kiddo's favorite types of meals, and one way he will eat veggies.

Every once in a while I'll make up 'refrigerator soup' by tossing whatever types of veggies I have left into a pot.  That's his favorite and what he has asked me to make several times.  I can't get the kiddo to eat any of the veggies by themselves without making a face, but he will eat it all in a soup. 

I've always thought the Chicken Soup for the Soul books were weird, but now I see their point.  Soup is good for healing and recharging the batteries.  It just has to be a different kind of soup for me. 

What's your favorite kind of soup?  Do you have any good recipes to pass on?


  1. Happy I found your blog (from you visiting mine!). I'm following you now and hope you'll revisit me and become a follower too!

    My favorite soup is french lentil ~ I blogged the recipe. So delish!


  2. Thanks! I'll have to look up your recipe. I recently found lentils and tend to throw them in most soups now.