Friday, October 7, 2011

Create: Tea Towel Embroidery

This year I've really had a thing for embroidery.  I embroidered my bag, my kiddo's pencil case, and now I'm working on tea towels.  They were supposed to be a present, but I don't think they will be done in time.  Besides, it's my first time doing this, so I probably shouldn't give my first attempt as a gift, right?  We'll see if it gets done or not.

When I decided to embroider tea towels, I searched online for what sort of stitches to use.  And I couldn't find anything.  I had recently looked up blackwork, so I decided that a double running stitch was just want my towels needed to reduce the chaos of the back.  I am planning on using some satin stitches and split stitch as well. 

I used the towels I received at xmas last year from my grandfather's girlfiriend as a guide.  I really like having examples in front of me when I do things.  Unfortunately, the lovely lady who made those towels passed away on Wednesday.  She was crafty and caring and put up with all of us on top of dating my grumpy grandfather.  She really brought out the best in him and we all miss her dearly. 

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