Monday, October 31, 2011

Inspire: It's a night for Pumpkins

Tonight is Halloween, All Hallows, Samhain, and a host of other holidays.  Here, in the middle of Iowa, costumes will be thrown on and the night will be full of shrieks and ringing door bells.  Children, and probably adults, will crash from sugar highs and wake up in November. 

For the Pagan side of me, this fun holiday always has a quiet side.  It is a night of the dead, a night to honor those who have passed beyond this world into the next, a night to remember.  With all the passings in my family and friends, I think I need the moment to stop, breath, and remember that life continues.

This evening, I will gather with the Kiddo and friends, chatter and laugh, feast, and then go track down as much sugar as a pillowcase can hold.  Then, I will return home and light a candle for those that have come before.

Have a happy, and safe, Halloween!

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