Monday, October 17, 2011

Inspire: It's Alright, We're Doing Fine

A long time ago, I worried.  I worried and I worried and nothing got done because I worried.  I froze myself in place and worried about what would happen when I took the necessary steps forward.  Or I freaked myself out about reaching out and picking up the phone to ask for something I needed.

This weekend has shown me just how far away from that I now am. 

On Saturday afternoon, I went out to my garage for a box of books I was giving to a new friend (1), and noticed that my car had a huge puddle of antifreeze underneath of it.  I looked and thought I had figured out where it was coming from, so I called my stepdad to come take a look at it (2).  We figured out the radiator reservoir had a leak and I made a call to see if the parts store had what I needed although we wouldn't be able to fix it until Sunday (3).  Then I made a call to see if I could get a ride to the UU on Sunday (4), where I was helping facilitate the service (5), and singing in the choir (6). 

On Sunday, we discovered that the part the store had wouldn't fit my car and so we arranged things so my stepdad could go find the part at another store on Monday (7).  Then I called someone who rides my van to see if they could give me a ride to work on Monday (8). 

This weekend I did eight things that required me to ask others for help and put myself forward.  And, I didn't worry myself sick about it or procrastinate it like crazy.  I could have said I couldn't make it to my obligations and just not asked for a ride. 

The neatest thing is, I didn't even realize how easy I dealt with these things until it was all over. 

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