Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Write: A Group Effort

I've been a member of a small writers group for quite a while now.  We don't have much more than five people that attend sporadically.  Our meetings are once a month for two hours.  Not much time to chat about writing, but we accomplish quite a bit.  At least, it helps keep me on track and energized about my writing.

At our September meeting, I brought a small piece of flash fiction I had written a number of  months ago as I was frustrated on what I was working on.  I figured it would just be a fun piece that I might expand a bit more with description.  When my group got done with it, however, I was ready to turn my quick piece into a real story.  They took the idea and ran with it.  And they ran in directions I hadn't even thought of.  Instead of a chance meeting and a lucky break, they had my character as a part of a national crime ring or hunted down by drug dealers.  So many new fascinating options!

That is one reason I love my writing group.  Each of us comes from a different walk of life and bring our own interpretations of writing.  We have non-fiction writers, poets, novelists, haiku teachers, and magazine writers.  All together, we seem to know a little bit about everything.

If you are interested in writing or find yourself lacking writing motivation, find a writing group.  It's an invaluable tool and resource.

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