Friday, October 28, 2011

Create: Halloween 2011, Part II

For once, I am done with Halloween costumes days before Trick or Treating starts.  Normally, I procrastinate until at least the day before.  But not this year.  I have too much to do to let those costumes sit around unfinished.

The Kiddo (and I've decided it really does need to be capitalized and will insist he includes Kiddo on his list of aliases now) shortened his desired costume to Wolf Demon Archer after flirts with Spartans, Time Travelers, and Steampunk.  I made a few accessories and he found some clothes in his closet, added on a fox tail from the Renn Faire, and he is ready to go.  Today he took a canned food item to school so he could wear his ears as a hat all day.

For the arm guard, I sewed a few straps of felt onto a shaped rectangle and called it good.  You can find how to make the ears, and the quiver on this blog.  For the glove, we found an old winter glove without a mate and cut it.

For me, I decided not to be a witch again this year and found some things in my closet to throw on.  The necklace I made a while back.  The vest I found at Salvation Army a few years ago to go with my Steampunk fairy outfit for the Witches Ball.
These aren't big, detailed costumes, but I've never had much luck with those.  These are comfy and winter coats can easily be added.  Plus, all parts can be worn in normal day to day clothing.  Yes, even the fox tail can be used more than once.

Happy Halloween!

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