Friday, March 9, 2012

The Poor Jeans

My kiddo is hard on his clothes.  It doesn’t really matter what he’s wearing, chances are it will have a hole, pen ink, or a stain on it before the end of the day.  I swear it’s like magic.  The other day, he brought me a pair of jeans with a huge hole in the back and asked me to fix them. 
The holes after patching.  How do you do this to your clothes, child?!
I, being the crafty mom, said no problem, let me whip out my new sewing machine.  Then I realized that not only did his jeans have one massive hole, but they had a bunch of smaller ones too.  I went ahead and patched them up, but they are about ready for the scrap pile. 

The front side close up of the hole.  I could have trimmed off the fringe before sewing, but I like it on there.
A friend of mine, Kristin from Craft Leftovers (and Ames, yay!), introduced me to the method I used.  I added a piece of canvas to the back side of the hole and sewed like crazy over the space.  I could have done it more artistically, but there were a lot of holes.  My patch job is only prolonging the suffering of this denim.
You can see at least two more holes on his jeans...

A close up of the backside large hole.  Once I was done sewing, I trimmed the canvas to size.
Kristin wrote a book on mending, Mend It Better, and it’s recently come out and had great reviews.  If you are looking for a great resource on making your clothes live longer, check it out.


  1. Great patch job! Emma never wears jeans (hates how stiff and bulky they are), but the boy that we babysit wears his jeans out like crazy, and he is only 5!

  2. Thanks! It doesn't matter what he is wearing, it will have a hole in it soon.... :)