Friday, March 2, 2012

I do an Updo

I’ve been in a Rockabilly / Dieselpunk mood lately.  The music!  The clothes!  The hair!  I’d say the make-up, but I don’t normally wear any.  Although I am tempted to run out and get some.  There is something about that time period and it’s calling to me.

I tried my best to not remember anything I learned about the World Wars when I was in school.  Dates for who invaded who and who blew up who because of what were really not that interesting to me when I was a teenage hippy.  If they would have taught me more things like women in the factories, the artwork on the planes, and the crime scene, I might have had a better grade. 
My attempt at a Gibson Roll.  It kept falling out, though.
My sister and a friend were over last week and we started looking up YouTube videos on hair and makeup and all that jazz.  My friend managed to get fake bangs and I managed to put my hair up in a Gibson roll.  Of course, I failed to take a picture of it.  I tried again this morning and failed miserably, so I just pulled my ponytail through the ‘hole’ and let it go.

Don't mind the decor...
Taking pictures of the back of your head is hard! 
My frizzy, frizzy hair.

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