Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Rustle of Dark Leaves is out!

I'm happy to announce that the anthology that includes one of my short stories is finally published!  A Rustle of Dark Leaves: Tales from the Shadows of the Forest was officially launched yesterday and ready for purchase.  This is my first short story published beyond my college newspaper or e-newsletters.  I'm pretty excited! 

My story is The Rusalka Sang, published under the name CL Tice.

My favorite duo of monster hunters, Edward Mosley and Felix Delperdang, go hunting in the forest for a Rusalka.  Rusalkas are female ghosts or water spirits.  At night, they would climb out of the water and seduce men to their deaths.  They also climb trees and sing. 

One of these days I'll write about bad male spirits, but Mo and Del mostly end up encountering female monsters.  Maybe Mo is just having fun before he retires.

If you end up reading my story, let me know what you think!

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