Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Create: Refridgerator Soup

I love soup in winter.  I especially love it when it turns out well when I just threw stuff in a pot.  And it's great when that stuff is all the veggies that are about to turn in your fridge.  I made this soup last week in the crockpot and still have some left.  Once again, it's not really a recipe with amounts as much as guidelines.

Cajun Refridgerator Soup

(Leftover) Meat - I used half a teriyaki pork roast leftover from a previous dinner.
Beans or Potatoes - I used Great Northern Beans.
Bay leaf - Make sure to remove before serving
Chicken stock - or water and bouillon
Garlic Powder
Cajun spice - This added a nice little touch that made the soup.

Cut up your veggies and throw them at the bottom of a crock pot.  Add one or two cups of beans, depending on preference and pot size.  Shred your pork roast, or add a ham hock, and mix well.  Season to preference, I like a lot of pepper.  Add your liquid preference (water or chicken stock).  I ended up using two cans of chicken stock and two or four cans of water.  Stir it all up and set it on low for the day.

This tastes great with some toasted homemade bread.  Yum!

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