Friday, January 15, 2010

Inspire: Draw on the walls!

It may sound weird coming from an Iowan girl, but I love graffiti.  Maybe it's just that we don't really have it around here (or not really where I go) or maybe it's that they've done something wrong.  Maybe it's just that I really love unexpected art.  Whatever it is, graffiti is great to me.

Now, let me be a little more specific.  Graffiti art is great.  People writing their names with spray paint across someone's car is not.  But where I live we get a lot of trains, so it's always entertaining to watch the paint roll across the street while everyone gets annoyed at traffic.  Some of those artists are amazing.  The majority aren't, but I'd put up with it to see the amazing ones.

I'm a firm believer that we should allow graffiti on trains and blank walls, as long as it is art and not just names or gang signs.  I am certainly less annoyed by trains if I get to look at artwork on the way, I'm sure others would be the same way.  You hear about all these art groups wanting to put art back in schools, or make art more accessible, well here is the perfect way to get it out there where people can see it!

So this weeks Inspiration comes from those cats with cans, spraying out there message before they get caught, risking punishment to express themselves.

What do you risk to express yourself?

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