Friday, January 8, 2010

Inspire: Be Random

Find your randomness.

My life seems to have two variations:  over-organized and complete chaos.

As I am settling my life into a new schedule with kid activities and workshops and family night and meetings, I'm realizing that I am neglecting the chaotic side a bit.  Although with as many activities and thoughts that I have, if I don't organize, I go crazy.  I've found  that if I don't anticipate a bit of chaos, a bit of randomness, it hits me in a big way.  Plus it's just so much easier to deal with your life blowing up when you are prepared and expect it to.

Take for instance, when my car overheated.  In the past I would have flipped and not known what to do.  But I took care of it, got it to a shop, made a paying schedule, and even got a bonus out of it since I joined a car pool from town to where we meet up with our Rideshare van. 

I've always tried to be one who can see the silver lining in the dark clouds.  Granted, it might be 'Now you won't do that again, will you?' and I can grump through it as much as anyone.  But I try to realize that without the chaos and random things that happen, you don't grow as much.

So the Inspiration for this week is not a quote or a song, it is simply a phrase.  Find your randomness.  Use it in your crafting, in your writing, in your life.  It's fun to go out without a plan and do whatever you feel like sometimes.  You'll have a blast.

Go be random.

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