Monday, January 18, 2010

Write: Lego Robots Invade!

There is a thing called Found Poetry where you take someone else's work and make it your own.  You take phrases and rearrange them into something new, maybe something completely different than the original meant to be.  Found poetry can be from a sign at a fast food restaurant, or graffiti on the bathroom wall.  It's finding the unexpected art in what wasn't meant to be. 

There is a pretty good article on ehow with details on how to create your own found poetry.  For something so simple, there are a bunch of rules it seems.  But I feel for this exercise just the basic feel for the thing is enough. 

Rule 1:  Pick of piece of writing or grab a bunch of different phrases.
Rule 2:  Put them in a pleasing order.
Rule 3:  Don't add words.  Feel free to delete, but no addition.
Rule 4:  Tadaa!  You're a poet!

I had planned on taking a lot of time this week and working out a really good piece of poetry for this... but I've been sick and I couldn't seem to find a good piece.  Granted, I limited myself by trying to find a piece that wasn't protected by copyright but it just didn't seem right.  I tried again after I found a wonderful Annie Dillard selection but halfway through I just didn't feel I could give it justice. 

So I looked at my local newspaper instead and snagged the headlines.

Enjoy after the break!

Lego robots invade!
Raiders come up shy - woman accused.
Ax could fall on race to the top.
Traffic signal maintains safety,
Developer still defends shooting puppetry.
A little obsession is natural.
Friends and neighbors
reject release request.

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