Monday, January 4, 2010

Write: Plan for the New Year

*Note:  Yup, my computer is still in the shop.*

This Write post isn't really about writing, but it is about planning.  This is a new year, and as the Inspiration for this week is to not let yourself go on wishing but doing, I feel it works.  So I've written out some goals for the year, this blog, and my creative endeavors.  My family keeps telling me that I need to try to do something with my creativity and I feel like I should be doing that as well.  I have been lazy and busy and haven't ever really tried to put myself out there. 

This year, I plan to change that.

Goals for the year: Inspire: Learn better Biz/Blog practices
I will to read about how to create better posts and how things should work in an online shop, including the legalities of posting quotes on a blog.  I will focus more on setting up each post and plan it out rather than do so while posting.  I will get the shop up and running, create my own designs, and create my own Inspirations.

Write:  Polish my writing
I will read articles, edit my work, and try to write for more than half an hour.  I will prepare and plan my pieces.

Create:  Follow through and finish projects
All those ideas that float through my head should be written down so they can drawn upon later on.  Any project that I collect items for will be done.  I will learn new skills and practice my current skills.  I will vend at a craft fair and/or enter the State Fair this year.

These sound like an awful lot of things going on for a year, but at the same time, they are all a part of the same thing.  My basic goals are:
1.  Learn how to accomplish my goals better in a business manner.
2.  Follow through and develop my writing/artistic/crafty skills.
3.  Get out there and do it.

Everything else is just how I intend to do it.

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