Friday, March 19, 2010

Create: Crap on Toast!

No, I'm not posting about actual crap on toast. It's a craptastic four-day weekend for me because my computer decided that, once again, it hates me. It decided not to come out of sleep mode again, which to me signals that I need yet another motherboard/hard drive/computer part. And it is no longer under warrantee.

This signals that I will not be able to post pictures of my projects any time soon. I am thinking of borrowing a friends computer or seeing what options I have, but for at least a little while, I will not be able to transfer pictures.

So... While I intended to have a card posted today that you all could download and be pretty with, I will instead refer you to a wonderful project over on Craft. It's making a water bottle carrier out of old cargo pants. How awesome is that?

I made these last night for my son and I, and I think I may extend the waterbottle bag into a purse object for myself later.

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